Vw Electric Car World Record-Pike’s Peak

Vw Electric Car World Record-Pike’s Peak

New World Record- Vw Electric Car – 7:57.148 secs.

On 30th June 2018, a Vw electric car sets a new world record at the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb Circuit completing the course in a time of just 7:57.148 an improvement of  57.730 seconds by driver Romain Dumas taking Vw into the history books.

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Vw ID 94 Electric car

A deciding factor could be the altitude as we know air gets thinner the higher the altitude, internal combustion engines perform weaker here as the car will burn a leaner fuel mixture, losing power.

Altitude has little if any such like effects on an electric car.

While this may not sit well with car enthusiasts across the world, Volkswagen’s record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event signifies how potent electric cars can be.

Previous Title

The title was held by Sebastien Loeb who, in 2013, managed to conquer the mountain course in 8.13.878 minutes, behind the wheel of a Peugeot 201 T16 Pikes Peak Special. (Internal Combustion Engine).

I was always of the opinion that electric cars will one day replace internal combustion engines, this feat proves that even in motor racing this is about to happen.

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Power Figures

The Volkswagen I.D.R racecar utilises 43kWh capacity lithium-ion battery pack and is based on the MEB platform.

When it comes to power figures, the Volkswagen I.D. R pumps out a whopping 670BHP of power enabling a mind-blowing 0-100kmph in 2.25 seconds. Its agility is thanks to its lightweight at 1100kg.

Vw DC 94 Pikes peak Hill Climb

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