Oil Change-Vw Polo 1.6 Classic

Oil Change-Vw Polo 1.6 Classic

Let’s Change Engine Oil

I will show you how to do the best oil change on a Vw Polo 1.6 Classic, giving it the best it deserves.

Changing your car’s engine oil periodically according to manufacturer’s specifications is not always enough for the longevity of your car’s engine.

It is important to flush the engine before an oil change. This helps with removing the sludge build up inside your car’s engine and loosening sticky piston rings, thereby improving engine compression.

Preparing the engine for the clean oil, by flushing, Clean Oil, deserves a Clean Engine.

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Don’t forget to do the final oil level check, and ensure the oil filler cap is securely replaced. Congratulations once again on your achievement.

Lubing the oil filter seal
Lubing the oil filter seal




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