Oil Change on Honda Nc750x

Oil Change on Honda Nc750x

Honda Nc 750 x Oil Change

oil change on honda nc750x
In the saddle of a Honda Nc750x

An Oil Change on Motor Cycles should be done either on mileage or time, manufacturers recommend 12000 km or 1 year.

I like to maintain my Honda Nc750x’s oil in peak condition, you never know when the call of the open road beckons, so you need to be ready at a moments notice to swing a leg and ride baby ride.

I recommend 6 months or 8000 km, being an Auto Mechanic for 30+ years, I experienced plenty of episodes relating to overextended oil change cycles. the damage runs into $1000’s

The Importance of a good Motorcycle Engine Oil

A Motorcycle’s engine operates at much higher revolutions than a car’s, an average modern motorcycle is capable of 16000 rpm (revolutions per minute).

To achieve this as a standard everyday feat cannot be accomplished with sub-standard lubricating oils, as high amounts of friction cause high heat build-up in the engine, oil in an engine assists in cooling too.

High amounts of friction need a superior lubricant to reduce engine wear. So an oil change on a Honda Nc750x is very important in the proper maintenance of your motorcycle. I also changed the Spark Plugs while I was at it, so you can see how simple it really is.

#Here is how to do it.

#Motul Oil Review

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oil change on honda nc750x

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Gary De La Cruz

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