NGK Spark Plugs-My Review

NGK Spark Plugs-My Review

NGK Spark Plugs – My Review

Spark plugs are essential to the running of a car’s engine and its efficiency in using less fuel that drives our cars.

This is a review of NGK Spark Plugs in general, its use, in my everyday servicing, of various brands of cars, especially mentioning 

NGK Laser Iridium ILTR6A-13G Spark Plugs.

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

Product Brand:- NGK 

Product:- Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

Product No.:- ILTR6A-13G

Part No.:- ILTR6A-13G

OEM Part No.:- 3789


Origin:- China

Application:- Petrol Car Engines

Quantity:- 4 Pack

Dimensions:- 0.3 x 0.4 x 1.5 inches

Weight:- 1.6 ounces

Available From:-

Endorsements:- Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs .com/AA

Price:- $11.68 – Pack of 4

My Rating:- 10/10


In all the years of being an Auto Mechanic, one of the 1st car components I came in contact with was Spark Plugs.

I wanted to learn all there was to learn about this amazing component that performs such a vital role in an Internal Combustion engine.

In those early years, I must admit, That NGK was not the brand we used. As time passed the good brand that we used was no longer available to us.

Plugs explained
Plugs explained

Enter NGK, when I 1st worked with NGK Spark plugs I was very biased and had nothing good to say about it.

As time progressed I decided to really test NGK Spark Plugs to show its weaknesses, try as I did, I could not get these damn NGK Spark Plugs to fail.

Finally one day, after fitting a set on an old Ford Cortina, my colleague came to me and said, “Hey, finally, what you have been looking for”, the car was running bad and misfiring.

To my disappointment, upon checking the cause, I found that my colleague did not check the gap setting, as the plug must have been dropped before fitting.

Comparatively, NGK Spark Plugs started to perform better and better as it not only matched but outperformed the brand I became accustomed to. I am using NGK Spark Plugs since.

Plug types
Plug types

We had approx. 5% fault rate with the previously used brands, but with NGK, we never had a comeback, then I started to sit up and take notice.

We all know how sceptical we as humans can be about the unknown or the new kid on the block.

Well with so much water under the bridge, about 20 or so years worth, NGK is still my 1st choice and beloved brand of Spark Plug.

Plug Chart
Plug Chart

A little History

NGK Spark Plugs were produced in South Africa since 1950 under the company name of Lectrolite. These Spark Plugs were produced under license to NGK Spark Plugs Japan.

NGK Spark Plugs SA, now owned by NGK Japan, continues to produce a range of Spark Plugs for the OE market, P&A market and Aftermarket. NGK Spark Plugs SA also market and distributes NGK Glow Plugs and Resistor caps. 


  • OEM Quality
  • Standard, Copper, Platinum, Iridium and Laser Iridium Cores available
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plug’s ability to operate at higher temperatures without breaking down
  • Triple-Gasket Sealing Process
  • Features laser welded Iridium centre electrode tip
  • Faster starts and quicker acceleration
  • Better fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides long life
  • Consistent Performance
  • The plug of Choice in Millions of Vehicles
  • Many Derivatives for Same Engine Application
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • You can depend on NGK for quality and reliability


  • It is hard to choose which derivative to purchase, standard, copper, platinum or iridium core.
  • Some Auto Part Stores do not stock NGK Spark Plugs, due to brand bias.
  • Some Auto Parts Stores markups are outlandish and deterring.

My Personal Experience with NGK Spark Plugs

I have many, stories to tell of NGK Spark Plugs, one has just come to mind,

Long life Plugs
Long-life Plugs

I was testing a Ford Ranger 2.5L petrol for a breakdown of the power, at speeds over 80Km/h, I checked the fuel system, exhaust system and air intake system, all clear, so I started testing on the ignition system.

I decided to fit a set of ILTR6A-13G Laser Iridium Spark Plugs and see if it cleared the problem, hell yeah, this Ford Ranger never rode this well in all my testing and component changes thus far.

Ford pick Up
Ford Ranger

But here is the kicker, when I ran diagnostics on the ignition system, using my Maxisys MS908 Pro, I found a coil pack fault code, after replacing the coil pack and clearing the fault code, damn, this vehicle performed at its peak.

The point here is, even with a faulty coil pack, the ILTR6A-13G Spark Plugs, made an enormous difference compared to the make of plug I found in the Ranger when it came to me 1st, it broke down under load.

This cemented my confidence in NGK Spark Plugs.

Final Opinion

With it’s

  • superior manufactured quality
  • performance under load conditions
  • huge choice and range of applications, including, racing
  • the intro of Iridium Spark Plugs for longer replacement intervals is a huge plus

One has to walk a long distance to find a worthy replacement. NGK is my number 1 choice of Spark Plug.

Where to buy

  • your local Auto Part Store
  • wherever you see this sign

More On Spark Plugs

How To Fit Spark Plugs To Your Car

++<<   I accept any challenge  to prove me wrong in my choice of  Spark Plug, NGK   >>++

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Until Next Time “Safe Motoring”

NGK Spark Plugs




Fitting Precision




Ease Of Fitting





  • OEM Quality
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plug's ability to operate at higher temperatures without breaking down
  • Faster starts and quicker acceleration
  • Better fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Plug of Choice in Millions of Vehicles


  • It is hard to choose which derivative to purchase, standard, copper, platinum or iridium core.
  • Not Always Available At All Auto Parts Stores

Gary De La Cruz

I have been 30+ years in the motor industry, still hands on, and have great passion for my chosen profession, I learn new things each day and believe that "if you enjoy your work, you never have to work a day in your life"I believe in honesty, integrity and helping where help is needed.

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  1. Pelesio Kama

    Wow!!! The first thing that really caught my attention is when you said in your review “We had an approx. 5% fault rate with the previously used brands, but with NGK, we never had a come back, then I started to sit up and take notice.” That is absolutely amazing. especially for a spark plug that is not made in the US or Germany. This has definitely caught my attention. The next time I change the plugs on my vehicles, I will surely be trying the NGK brand for myself.

    Thank you for this great review Gary,


    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Pelesio
      Thank you for visiting my website and the positive comments, I pride myself in using the best quality Auto Parts in the market, today, it is sometimes difficult to find, but in NGK Spark Plugs I found a very reliable brand, as in my review, I did not take to NGK at 1st but as time went by, the product proved itself to be excellent. I use it all the time now.

      All the best

  2. Kayla

    Wow! I can definitely tell you know your stuff! I’m coming back here for all my car related issues!
    Thanks for the advice and review of these spark plugs. (I honestly didn’t know there was that big of a difference between brands).

    If needed, could I replace a spark plug pretty easily (with the help of a YouTube video) or is it something I should outsource? Can it be dangerous in anyway to do it yourself?

    Thanks for the advice!

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hi Kayla
      Thanks for the visit to my website, you are welcome here anytime, I try to post helpfull articles constantly, aimed at informing and helping you, my visitors, to save some bucks, by doing these procedures yourself.

      In an answer to your question, I have 2 youtube videos here, click categories, click the How To menu and look for how to replace spark plugs, if you follow the simple videos, you will not cause damage. Give it a try and see for yourself.

      All the best

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