Motul-Best Motorcycle Oil-Review

Motul-Best Motorcycle Oil-Review

Motul Review

Ever wonder what makes Motul Oil the best, this Review will clarify why Motul Oil is the best Motorcycle Oil available.

In modern motorcycle engines, designed for peak performance, a matching oil is required, one that can keep up with high-performance demands. And meets JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) T903:2001-performance.

Product:- Motorcycle Oils

Product Name:- Motul 4T 5100-Ester 10w40 Syn Blend

Weight:-Dimensions:- 7.5 x 11.2 x 4.7 inches

Motul 10w50 viscosity engine oil

OEM Part No.-  836841/101417 

API Standards:- SG/SH/SJ/SL/SM
Viscosity :- 10w50


Origin:- USA

Application:- Motorcycle Engines

Quantity:- Gallon

Available From:-

Endorsements:- Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs .com / AAA

Overall Rating:- 4 Star

Price:- $39.94

My Rating:- 4 Star

#More on Motul 

Overview of Motul Oil

Motul has a history starting in new York in 1853 and has been through many changes and developed lubricants of the highest spec since.

In modern motorcycle engines, designed for peak performance, a matching oil is required, one that can keep up with high-performance demands.

Motul Oil is developed and manufactured to exceed OE specifications in most engines for which it is recommended, high speed, high temperature, designed for a wide range of climatic conditions, equally efficient in the Sahara Desert as in the Antarctic, providing superior lubrication and cooling assistance to a wide range of applications.

Filling Engine Oil
Filling Engine Oil

Used in high-performance Moto GP  engines, imagine what it can do for our standard bike engine. All that spec. and protection gives peace of mind with Motul Oil protection in your engine. Motul Motorcycle Oil is a high spec oil capable of withstanding demanding conditions of use, up to 25000 km. between services.


  • Reasonably priced in the market, competitive
  • A wide range of viscosities available
  • Official Partners of Moto GP
  • Used successfully in Motorcycle racing for decades
  • JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) T903:2001-performance Guaranteed by Motul
  • Improved Shear Resistance
  • Meets JASO MA2 specifications for optimal wet clutch performance
  • Suitable for Catalytic Converters
  • API Rated – SG/SH/SJ/SL/SM
  • EAQF class B in 1992, EAQF class A since 1994, ISO 9001 since 1996
  • QS9000 developed by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler
  • ISO/TS 16949 developed by the IATF (International Automotive Task Force)
  • NMMA (water sports)


  • As with all oils, periodic oil changes are advised
  • Not a multipurpose oil

My Personal Experience with Motul Oil

I own a Honda Nc750x and stuck with the Honda Dealership for the duration of the 1-year factory warranty. I was never happy with my bike’s sound and performance whenever I collected from the dealer after servicing.

When the warranty expired, I decided to service my own bike and discovered Motul Oil, at my local motorcycle Auto Parts Supplier.

I was pleasantly surprised as my bike was running smoother, more power and less engine noise, my clutch even felt more responsive. This is how I learned about Motul Oil for my Honda Nc750x.

Starting After Motul Oil Service
Starting After Motul Oil Service


Final Opinion

After trying various competing brands of Motorcycle Engine Oils, I came to respect and like Motul 10w40 oil in my Honda NC750X.

I recommend Motul Oil to all who desires extra protection and superior performance Motorcycle Engine Oil, I experienced the difference with Motul Oil.

In so many cases, the uninformed use the wrong spec engine oil thereby paying the price in costly repairs. So when in doubt, always consult your vehicle owner’s manual.

Find a copy on the internet, if you do not possess a hard copy. It is like skydiving without a parachute, correct information is important.

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Would you use Motul Motorcycle Oil in your motorcycle? let me know in the comments below !!

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Convenient Packaging


API Standard


JASO Standard





  • Exceeds OE Standards
  • A Wide Range of Viscosities Available
  • Motorcycle and Car Applications
  • Used in Moto GP Bikes
  • Suitable For Catalytic Converters


  • Oils need to be changed periodically
  • Not available in some Countries and Territories

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