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Lobro Cv Joints are available from eBay and most reputable Auto Part Stores.

When you hear that dreaded tuk tuk tuk, you know it is time to replace your CV Joints, but will you sacrifice price for quality, why choose when you can get both with Lobro CV Joints.

The exceptional quality and price of Lobro’s CV Joints reviewed here.

Product:- Constant Velocity Joints (CV)

Product Name:- Lobro

Lobro Quality CV Joint
Lobro Quality CV Joint

Product No.:- 191407311c

Weight:- 5 Pound

Origin:- Germany

Application:- Vw OE 191407311C

Quantity:- 1

Available From:- eBay

Endorsements:- Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs.com

Overall Rating:- 8-9

Price:- $99.94

My Rating:- 9.4/10


Constant Velocity joints are instrumental in supplying power to our car’s wheels to keep it moving, when they fail, we are stranded, so it would make sense to be selective on the type of quality of these important components used in our cars.

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Lobro CV Boot Replacement Kits
Lobro CV Boot Replacement Kits

Sacrificing price for quality is fool hardy but with Lobro CV Joints, which are made in Germany and exceeds OE specifications, you do not have to choose, for you will get both with the Lobro brand of quality affordable CV Joints.

Power is transferred to our wheels via the engine through the transmission via the Driveshafts which the CV Joints are attached to,

It enables front wheel drive cars to have constant power to the wheels when a car turns a corner, so it must have the ability to withstand, high pressure and strains. Therefore Lobro.

CV Joints are used on 4×4 vehicles on the rear drive train also.


  • Constructed of the highest quality infused metals
  • Manufactured to exceed OE specifications
  • Six Ball Race construction, lends strength to the finished product
  • Both Inner and Outer CV Joints Manufactured by Lobro
  • Inner CV Ball Race Carriers separately available (new)
  • Maintenance kits available for both CV Joints & Boots
  • Manufactured to Strict tolerances, Enables Durability
  • Readily available from most popular Auto Part Stores


  • Although Lobro is of the highest quality, CV Joints are meant to wear over time.
  • Not always available from my regular Auto Parts Store

Final Opinion

In fitting hundreds of CV Joints over a period of 3 decades, I found the Lobro brand of CV Joints to be the most precise fitting, quality finished and durable, therefore I endorse Lobro CV Joints fully, using it on all CV Joint replacement jobs.


My Personal Experience with Lobro CV Joints

I recall an incident where I was requested to fit a left and right outer CV Joint to an Audi A3, the catch was, the customer was given a set of CV Joints by some family member, working in an Auto Parts Store-Free.

I do not usually do this type of deal as I insist on supplying parts which I fit to customer’s cars as I prefer to carry the warranty, as I do not sacrifice quality for price.

This time I decided to flaunt my policy on auto parts supplying, as he was a regular customer, I agreed to fit his gifts, which were of a brand I not yet encountered.(Taiwanese)

Lobro Ball Race Replacement Unit
Lobro Ball Race Replacement Unit

I proceeded to fit said CV Joints, and the customer collected his Audi A3 and off he went.

Less than 1 week later, he was back with the dreaded tuk tuk tuk, he proceeded to claim that I did not fit the CV Joints correctly, therefore it only lasted a week.

I proceeded to tell him that if I fitted the parts incorrectly, the noise would be there immediately, after extensive banter to and fro, I made a suggestion.

I proceeded to fit Lobro CV Joints, and told him to pay me when he was satisfied, I gave him up to a month, and said to him, that he was welcome to fully utilise his car’s power during this period (tongue in cheek).

At the end of the agreed time, he settled the bill and thanked me for my efforts, he was sold on the Lobro CV Joints brand since.

At his next scheduled service 8 months later he was still convinced that Lobro CV Joints was the best thing since sliced bread.

Where to buy Lobro CV Joints

eBay has a wide variety of Lobro CV Joints, Boot Kits, Ball race Assemblies and related tools to assist you with fitting these components.

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Lobro CV Joints




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  • •Manufactured to exceed OE specifications
  • •Constructed of the highest quality infused metals
  • •Six Ball Race construction, lends strength to the finished product
  • •Maintenance kits available for both CV Joints & Boots
  • Competitively Priced


  • Not available in all Auto Part Stores
  • CV Joints are not made to last forever

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