How to fit a ClutchCable on a Vw Citi Golf

How to fit a ClutchCable on a Vw Citi Golf

Fitting a New Clutch Cable - Vw Citi Golf

A cable can snap

Ever experience a clutch cable snapping while driving your vehicle, well with most modern cars now having hydraulic clutches this would be a rare event, but one that is still possible with cable clutches, you will, unfortunately, be stuck and would either have to replace the unit on-site or arrange a tow to an Auto Mechanic.

A Snapped Clutch Cable

Why would a clutch cable snap in the 1st place?

  • A clutch pressure plate’s diaphragm going hard due to age, putting extra strain on the clutch cable
  • A clutch cable fraying inside with age as the strands of the cable snap one by one weakening the cable as a collective causing it to snap.
  • Incorrectly adjusted cable causing the clutch pedal travel to bottom out thus putting extra strain on the cable, as the clutch pedal is operated by one’s leg there is plenty force applied to the working components when the clutch pedal is depressed.
  • Worn out components on the clutch release bearing fork mechanism or bushes could cause undue stress on the clutch cable.
  • Cheaply manufactured clutch cable without an inner plastic lining to prevent the cable from chaffing on the inside wearing down the inner cable.
This list is not necessarily exhaustive but you get the picture.

How to replace the clutch cable

Take the cable and feed the top end through the firewall so the cable’s elongated plastic fitting with the hole can fit into the clutch pedal hook on the other side in the foot-well.

Hook the cable into the clutch pedal and secure the pedal back on the shaft with it’s locking clip.

Take the bottom end of the cable and feed it through the clutch cable hole in the gearbox.

Now feed the cable through the release bearing lever ensuring its rubber is in place.

Now secure the cable’s locking plates.

Cable locking plates secured

Adjust the clutch cable by turning the adjustor at the lower part of the cable anti-clockwise to tighten the tension on the cable thus removing excessive play, clockwise to allow more play, allow about 5 mm of play.

Now lock the adjustment.

The clutch pedal will now be level with the brake pedal and depressing the clutch pedal will activate the clutch assembly.

Job well done, just a point to remember, the new cable will stretch as time passes so it will be necessary to adjust the cable again in the future.

Until next time “Safe Motoring”

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