How To Fit CV Joint Rubber Boots Easily

How To Fit CV Joint Rubber Boots Easily

See How to fit cv joint rubber boots – video

Do not wait for the “cluck cluck” of CV Joints, have your cv joints and rubber boots checked periodically to prevent costly repairs. Here is how to fit CV Joint Boots when torn, it will save the CV Joint and you some money. It is a simple procedure, using basic tools, with my video, you too can learn how to fit CV Boots and save $.

When it breaks

It is important to keep your car’s CV Joints and Boots in good order, did you know when a CV Joint breaks, you will be left stranded as your car will lose its ability to propel itself, do not delay, check your CV Joints today.

CV Joint Kit

How to Replace Cv Joint Rubber Boots – Video

cv boot kit

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So how did you find fitting your own CV Boots? let’s hear all about it in the comments below.


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