GUD Filters-Review

GUD Filters-Review

G.U.D. Filters, a very  high quality and popular brand here in South Africa, my home country, exceeding Popular Vehicle brand OEM Standards and SABS Approved, read this review and find out, why?



Product Name:- G.U.D.


GUD Automotive Filters
GUD Automotive Filters


Origin:- South Africa

Application:- Automotive Filters

Available From:- Autozone

Endorsements:- SABS/AA/VM&

Overall Rating:– 98-100

My Rating:– 100-100

Price:- From ZAR50



Air filters       Oil Filters        Fuel Filters

Filters perform the all important tasks of  cleaning/filtering  3 of the most basic elements a vehicle needs to operate efficiently, namely, Air, Fuel and Oil.

Filters comes in many different shapes and sizes and are different on all makes and models of vehicles, it is used in Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Trucks and Heavy Industrial Machinery too.

It’s extensive range of approx. 1600 part numbers covers a range of over 3500 vehicle applications and over 95% of vehicles on South Africa’s roads, and is available through a network of distributors nation wide and cross boarder.

(Multi port)
Diesel Fuel Filters (Multi port)
G.U.D. Diesel filter manufacturing facility
G.U.D. Diesel filter manufacturing facility

The importance of a good quality filter cannot be over emphasized as many a costly repair resulted from using sub standard quality filters.

G.U.D. Filters are manufactured to stringent OEM Standards and bears the approval Seal of the SABS(South African Bereau of Standards) the highest manufacturing quality, authority in the country.


GUD Filters, is South Africa’s leading automotive filter brand. Manufactured filters since 1949, in Durban on South Africa’s East Coast.

As the automotive industry evolved so the Company expanded over time to become the market leader in South Africa. G.U.D. Filters has manufacturing facilities in Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Cape Town and Zimbabwe.

GUD has a distribution center in Pinetown, geared towards their export market, with a 20000 square meter distribution centre in Johannesburg.

The company’s headquarters is in Prospecton, KwaZulu Natal and it employs in excess of 1500 people. GUD Filters has extended its success across international boundaries and currently exports to five continents.

GUD places great emphasis on quality to exceed the requirements of all its market.


  • Stringent Manufacturing Standards
  • High Quality Materials used in Manufacturing Process
  • Exceeds SABS  Ts 16949 : 2009 Standards
  • OEM Standard”s Approved for major Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Achieved Converted Ford Q1 Status
  • 2013 Proudly South African Enterprise Award given to G.U.D. for highest quality producer
  • Over 1600 Part Numbers
  • More than 3500 vehicle applications
  • Covers more than 95% of vehicles on South Africa’s roads
  • Effective Distribution Network
  • Ease of Fitment
  • Competitively Priced
  • Excellent Customer Support


G.U.D. Oil Filters
G.U.D. Oil Filters


  • G.U.D. Oil filters are painted white, dirty’s easily
  • Packaging does not protect product against being accidentally dropped


My Personal Experience with G.U.D. Filters

98% of filters used in my Auto Repair Shop is G.U.D. filters, the other 2% used is only when I cannot source a particular part No. in the G.U.D. brand, or a customer insists on supplying their own Replacement Parts.

I can recall many adverse stories due to using lower quality competing brands of filters, such as

  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Pre-mature engine failure
  • Loss of power

All due to substandard filtration, the list goes on , therefore I insist on G.U.D. Filters.

See below for oil filter comparison.

Oil filter quality comparison
Oil filter quality comparison


Final Opinion

For trouble Free Filtration in your Vehicle insist on G.U.D. Quality, it is the only brand of filter I ask for when needing filters for my own vehicles, therefore I fit it to my customer’s vehicles too, it just feels right and gives me piece of mind.


Get your G.U.D. filters on eBay


What is your favorite filter brand?  Leave a comment.


Until Next Time “Safe Motoring”

Gary De La Cruz
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G.U.D. Filters

From ZAR50.00



Efficiency of Filtration




High Speed Operation


OE Standards



  • OEM Standard"s Approved for major Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Exceeds SABS  Ts 16949 : 2009 Standards
  • Stringent Manufacturing Standards
  • Over 1600 Part Numbers
  • More than 3500 vehicle applications


  • G.U.D. Oil filters are painted white, dirty's easily
  • Packaging does not protect product against being accidentally dropped

Gary De La Cruz

I have been 30+ years in the motor industry, still hands on, and have great passion for my chosen profession, I learn new things each day and believe that "if you enjoy your work, you never have to work a day in your life"I believe in honesty, integrity and helping where help is needed.

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  1. Themba

    Hi Gary.Thank you very much for the information. I service my Hilux 3.0 D4D at home since it reached the service warranty and have never looked back.
    Would you mind indicating what other filter brands are available in the SA market and compare them to the GUD? There is a YOUTUBE video ( doing same for USA market by cutting them open. He reveals that all the FRAM filters he cut were corroded inside and of very poor quality!

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hi Themba
      Thanks for your visit to my website, I have to say I am a bit bias when it comes to service parts brands, especially the ones available here in South Africa, we always had limited access to international brands. Some YouTube videos are deceiving as they will edit the video to allow you to see what they want you to see, I always do reviews based on my own experience and will never review a product I have not used and tested myself.
      My experience with Fram has always been good and never found fault with the brand. GUD is locally manufactured and of the best quality I could find in South Africa, other brands are now streaming in from abroad, but the quality in my experience is not always good, so names are not worth mentioning, I hope this sheds new light on your doubts, but my advice is always, stick with what works for you, and remember cheaper is never better, all the best.

  2. Norman Richards

    When it comes to our vehicle we should only get the best because our vehicle deserves the best. If we take care of our vehicles then our vehicles will take care of us. This product sounds like a good buy.

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hi Norman
      Thanks for visiting my website, and your comments, yes as we maintain our vehicles to a standard that keeps it reliable, we also tend to save money on those pesky repairs regular maintenance prevents, a stitch in time….. as the old saying goes. Quality parts are a pre requisite as re doing a procedure due to sub standard parts are also fool hardy.
      Take care Norman, until next time.


  3. Grant

    Living in the US, I’ve not heard of G.U.D. filters. Back when I was doing my own oil changes, I usually used FRAM or the brand for the make of car I was driving. I don’t do my own oil changes anymore. For a while I went to the local lube center, but when I bought my new Subaru, I take it to the dealer. I’ve never seen your South African brand on the shelves at Auto Zone or NAPA. Do they export to the US?

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hi Grant

      Thanks for visiting my website, G.U.D. is a Proudly South African product, they export to many countries, but USA is not one, we are able to acquire Fram filters here, I use it on the rare occasion I cannot source the G.U.D. brand, but I prefer G.U.D. as the quality is better. G.U.D. exceeds most OEM brand standards, so it is very good, 99% of filters used in my Auto Repair Shop is G.U.D.

      All the best to Grant, thanks once again.


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