Fuel Saving Tips 101

Fuel Saving Tips 101

How difficult is it to follow a few everyday fuel saving tips?

In today’s harsh economy, we need to tighten our belts when it comes to preserving our monetary resources, we need to find ways to save,

Don’t fret, check out these simple ways to save-No Bachelor’s degree needed to learn how to save on your fuel bills,

Just follow these simple everyday fuel saving tips suggestions……..or buy an electric car.

Here Go’s

1.) Tire pressures, check them at least once a week, maintain at between 2 and 2.5 bar, under inflated tires create more contact on the road surface creating more friction, causing bad fuel economy and accelerated tire wear.

petrol gauge
The humble fuel gauge

2.) Plan your routes, cut out unnecessary detours, this shortens your mileage saving fuel.

3.) Drive smoother, refrain from quick acceleration and sudden stops, not only does this increase your fuel consumption but it puts undue stress on other vehicle components, like the braking system, transmission and tires to name a few.

4.) Use your vehicle’s air conditioner efficiently, it is not always needed.

5.) Having the windows rolled down also causes more drag, increasing fuel consumption.

6.) Keep your vehicle well tuned, misfires, over-fueling loose fan belts all contribute to higher fuel consumption.


traffic congestion
Traffic congestion causes higher fuel bills


7.) Vehicle wheel alignment should be checked or set at least every 6 months, this reduces the chances of excessive drag which also contributes to bad fuel consumption.

8.) Remove roof racks and load boxes when not in use this will reduce drag and save fuel.

9.) Also remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle, things that you do not use daily, besides it will be safer at home.

10.) Ensure that you have released the parking brake properly, as our vehicles age things wear or stiffen.

11.) Use the fuel specified for your vehicle.

save fuel
The dreaded fuel pumps $$$$$


The above isn’t necessarily exhaustive, it will help in reducing your monthly fuel bill.

  • What are your thoughts on this subject?  
  • Guess how much fuel you can save per Month following these fuel saving tips?


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Until Next Time “Safe Motoring” 

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