Bosch Wiper Blades Reviewed

Bosch Wiper Blades Reviewed

Winter is upon us, the rainy season is dreaded by some when using their car while it rains,  a good set of wiper blades are all that is needed for piece of mind.

I will review the Bosch Eco Wiper Blade in this article. There are many brands similar in quality and functionality, but I will cover the Bosch brand only.

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Bosch Eco

Product Name:- Bosch

Dimensions:- 530mm/21 inches 


Origin:- Germany

Application:- Automotive

Available From:-

Endorsements:- AA – AAA – vm&

Overall Rating:- 90-100

My Rating:- 92-100

Quantity:- 1

Price:- $9.53



The Bosch brand is synonymous with quality, but as we all know major corporations are moving their manufacturing facilities to the East in order to cut manufacturing costs, one has to be careful, big brand names, can they be trusted still?

It  is apparent when unpacking a Bosch Eco Wiper Blade that the quality is good, even the paint on the wiper frame is high quality, as if it was baked after application, so you will not find it peeling after a few weeks.

Metal Frame

The rubber compound is soft and pliable, graphite is said to be used in the compound to enable durability and improving contact on the windshield, enabling noise free cleaning.

Bosch’s “quick clip” system enables speedy fitting and Bosch supplies 3 different size attachment clips, in case your wiper arm setup is different to the globally conventional type. In short a good quality durable wiper blade that would last way beyond just one rainy season.





  • Reputable Brand in the Automotive Industry
  • New Rubber Formula for Tropical Climate
  • Full Metal Frame Construction
  • Precision Cut Rubber For Optimal Cleaning
  • Highest Quality Materials Used.
  • Available in a variety of sizesQuick Clip
  • Graphite Compound – Durable
  • Quick Clip System-Easy Fitting         
  • Anti Lift technology – Wind Resistant
  • Fitting Instructions on Package
  • Competitively Priced
  • Effective Distribution Network – Easily Available.


It has to be replaced eventually

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 My Personal Experience

I am using Bosch Eco Wiper Blades on my own vehicle as I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, the rainy season in Cape Town is harsh with high winds and heavy rainfall, Bosch handled these elements very well, leaving a clear windshield, giving me clear vision and peace of mind in rainy weather when out with my car.Clear View

I have used Bosch Wiper Blades for more than 1 rainy season before having to replace it.



Final Opinion

As mentioned earlier, there a few good brands of Windshield Wipers on the market today, Bosch is one of the great ones, a brand I endorse and use myself.

Bosch Eco Windscreen Wipers








High Speed Operation


OE Standards



  • Graphite Formula
  • All Fetal Frame
  • Precision Cut Rubber
  • Exceeds OE Standards
  • Quick Clip System


  • Must Be Replaced Periodically

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