Bosch BC943 Disc Brake Pads-Review
Bosch Disc Pads

Bosch BC943 Disc Brake Pads-Review

Disc Brake pads are very important components on a car, especially when it is time to slow down or stop the car, here is where Bosch BC943 Disc Brake Pads will serve you well in ensuring quality and durability when it comes to your car’s brake pads, read my review and comment. 

Bosch Brake Pads
Bosch Brake Pads

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Product Info.

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product: Disc Pads
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 13.2 x 3.4 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 15010125
  • Application: Front car braking system
  • My Rating: 9.6 out of 10
  • Best Place to Buy: Most Auto Part Stores
  • Price:  $31.86 

Key Features

  • Advanced platform-specific, copper-free ceramic and semi-metal friction material
  • Pre-attached, OE-style rubber core shim for remarkable noise reduction
  • Full coverage for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles
  • Bosch dedicated engineering to platform-specific ceramic materials, ensuring exceptional stopping power and quiet operation
  • Style multi-layer shim construction provides increased strength and insulation against noise
  • OE designed slots and champers for premium quality, fit, and function
  • Hardware kit and synthetic lubricant included



Bosch BC 943 Quietcast Premium Disc Brake Pads.

It is remarkable under which circumstance one discovers great new products.


I was performing vehicle service and front brake replacement on a regular customer’s vehicle, upon sourcing the parts needed for the job, I was informed by my regular Auto Part Supplier that they were out of the usual brand of brakes I used regularly.

I am a quality above price kind of guy. This I promote amongst my customers since before I opened my own Auto Repair Shop in the early ’90s.

I was between a rock and a hard place as my customer needed the vehicle ready for a vacation, in approx. 2 hours, I enquired as to what brand was available over the counter at the time, for that vehicle, the answer, “Bosch”.

“Bosch” I exclaimed, “they do electrical stuff “were my exact words, a long story short, I ended up purchasing the needed auto parts for this particular job. (I used the Bosch brand of electrical components before).


My 1st impression when I opened the Bosch BC 943 Quiet cast Premium Disc Brake Pads packaging was:

  • Wow!!!, manufacture quality was above standard
  • All necessary supplemental bits included
  • A bonus, brake lube and hand cleaner all in a neat quality branded package.
Brake Disc, Caliper and Pads
Brake Disc, Caliper and Pads


I proceeded to fit the Bosch BC 943 Quietcast Premium Disc Brake Pads to a pair of Bosch Disc Brake Rotors, as I do not recommend mismatching Brake Pads and Rotors. I used Bosch dot 4 Brake Fluid for flushing and bleed the brake system.

I was pleased by the fact that there was no protective residue and oiliness on the rotors, which is normally added to prevent rust and corrosion during storage as with competing brands. This told me that the Bosch brand was obviously using superior metals which did not rust that easily.

The brake pads metal backing was coated with a quality paint that had a lasting feel to it, as if it was dipped and baked, and had pre-attached rubber pad shimming on the back for excellent noise reduction. I immediately knew I had a high-Quality Product here in the Bosch BC 943 Quietcast Premium Disc Brake Pads.

The snug fit and ease of assembly impressed me. It was the norm to slightly alter competing brands of brake pads, not the Bosch BC 943 Quietcast Premium Disc Brake Pads, the fit was perfect.

Testing Car Brake's Stopping Power
Testing Car Brake’s Stopping Power


On the road, I went through the normal brake bedding in a routine of alternate gentle and hard braking and was pleasantly surprised as to the efficiency of the braking power that was immediately available, with other brands before, the brakes would be spongy and less effective as the Bosch BC 943 Quietcast Premium Disc Brake Pads.

All done, even the hand cleaner worked well too, no more dirty hands.

Follow Up

With this customer’s next service due 8 months after the brake repair, I was anxious to see how the Bosch BC 943 Quiet Cast Premium Disc Brake Pads and matching Rotors were doing.

A Professional Car Repair Workshop
A Professional Car Repair Workshop

I could not believe what I saw, No Brake Pad Glazing, minimal brake dust, in fact, it hardly looked like the brakes were used, minimal wear on the Pads and very little scoring on the Rotors.

The car was definitely used for around 15000 Kms as the service indicator activated, it was reset at the brake repair because we did service as well, (remember customer was going on vacation.)

I have been using the Bosch brand of brakes in 80% of brake jobs since, the other 20% is a mix of competing brands as some of my customers are brand prejudice, so I respect their opinions.

I fully endorse Bosch BC 943 Quiet Cast Premium Disc Brake Pads as my preferred brand.

See How To Fit Disc Pads-Fully photo Illustrated

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What is brake pad glazing?

Brake pad glazing is the crystallization of friction material resulting from the brake pad reaching temperatures above the specified heat range (overheating) or improper “bedding in” of the brake pads.

Such crystallization can result in poor stopping performance, additional brake vibrations, or cracking in the brake pad material. Glazing is a misnomer and has not technically been observed since the elimination of asbestos.

Many of the ingredients in the older asbestos linings would fuse during braking because of the intense heat generated at the interface of the drum lining and drum.

The fusion of the materials would form an amorphous (i.e. glass-like) layer with poor stopping ability.

Today’s highly engineered friction materials are designed to quickly form a smooth polished surface that coats both the disc and the pad surface with a microscopic layer of material known as the transfer layer (or third body layer.)

This layer is essential to consistent friction level, long life, low dust and quiet performance

Bosch BC943 Disc Brake Pads






Ease Of Fitting







  • Asbestos Free Friction Materials.
  • Superior Stopping Power
  • Exceeds OE Standards
  • Approved By AAA
  • Full Coverage For Domestic, Asian And European Cars


  • Non Found By Me.

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  1. Gaylene

    Hi Gary,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog – and I don’t know anything about cars. But I feel like I know a little bit more about brake pads and rotors. It was a very well written article and the hand cleaner was a nice touch. Next steps: “Tell my mechanic to use Bosch!” Thanks for the information 🙂

  2. BobbyCorno

    I’ve had badly-done brake jobs in the past (noisy, erratic stopping power, badly adjusted L-R, etc., you know all the complaints!), so any time I can get complete, unbiased information on superior materials, I’m interested. My mechanic, if he doesn’t already know that Bosch makes superior brake pads, will know it tomorrow! Thanks so much for the complete and impartial review, I appreciate it!

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Thank you Bobby for the feedback, yes all my reviews are taken from my own experience with vehicles and customers,
      the Bosch brand of brakes is still tops with my Auto Shop at present.


    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Thank you Susan for your time, and feedback, it is Highly Appreciated.

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