Best Engine Flush-Spanjaard-Review

Best Engine Flush-Spanjaard-Review

Spanjaard Engine Flush 375ml
Spanjaard Engine Flush 375ml

Spanjaard Engine Flush Reviewed

Product Name:- Spanjaard

Product:- Engine Flush

Owners:- Spanjaard Group of Companies (Spanjaard Ltd.)


Origin:- Amsterdam-Hong Kong-London-Johannesburg

Application:- Internal Combustion Engine

Quantity:- 1

Dimensions:- 225 x 85 x 35 mm

Weight:- 375g

Available From:- Most Auto Part Stores

My Rating:- * * * * *

Endorsements:- Vehicle Maintenance and

Price:- $16.33


The Effects of Engine Flushing
The Effects of Engine Flushing

The importance of flushing an engine cannot be overstated, as the buildup of contaminants in the engine oil starts immediately after changing engine oil,

It continues until the next oil change. During this period contaminants build up in the oil and are trapped there until it is removed by changing the oil yet again. In today’s performance age, we tend to overextend our car’s service periods and recommended mileage.

It is not enough to just change the oil, it is necessary to remove the build-up of these contaminants we call sludge, varnish and carbon deposits. Enter Spanjaard Engine Flush. Formulated to remove these contaminant build-ups and to prepare the engine for the clean oil.


  • A preventative maintenance procedure.
  • Easy application.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Increases engine compression.
  • Modern formula loosens sticky oil and compression rings.
  • Contains a combination of powerful additives that remove harmful lacquer and sludge deposits.
  • Effectively maintaining the cleanliness of PCV systems, its efficient functioning is important to upper-cylinder lubrication.
  • Treats up to 5L of oil.
  • Used in both Petrol and Diesel engines.
    Adding Spanjaard to an Engine
    Adding Spanjaard to an Engine


  • It is not advisable to flush an engine with high mileage if it has not been flushed before.
  • An engine with low oil level cannot be flushed unless the oil level is filled to its, correct level.
  • Cannot be added to a cold engine.
  • Some Auto Spare Shops do not stock Spanjaard.

Final Opinion

I have been using Spanjaard for more than 8 years now and conducted many tests and experiments with plenty of favourable results, it has become my prefered engine flush and I endorse it fully.

My Personal Experience with the product

I owned an old 1992 Opel Kadett Cub 1.3, it had average mileage than most similar cars of that age, I decided to do a little product testing with Spanjaard engine flush, and what better car to use than my own vehicle.

My Opel Kadett Cub

I warmed the car to operating temperature, took a compression test of  all 4 cylinders, added 375ml of Spanjaard engine flush and ran it for 15 minutes.

Testing Engine Compression
Testing Engine Compression

I proceeded to change the engine oil and oil filter, where after I performed another compression test, to my delight the compression increased from approx. 850 to 1125 kpa, an increase of approx, 275 kpa average in the vehicle’s  4 cylinders, this impressed the hell out of me and those witnessing this simple experiment.

Really cleans inside
After An Engine Flush

Needless to say, I was convinced, Spanjaard engine flush is used by me since.

 Where to buy

Most reputable Auto Parts Stores.

Learn More

What is your opinion of flushing an engine, before changing engine oil?


Until next Time “Safe Motoring”

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Ease Of Use





  • Thin Liquid, Mixes With Oil Easy
  • Loosens Sticky Piston Rings
  • Helps with Increasing Engine Compression
  • Treats Up To 5L Oil with 375ml
  • Can be Used in Petrol & Diesel Engines


  • Not always available
  • Not Recommended to use in high mileage engines not flushed before
  • Caution Flammable

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