Gary De La Cruz

Gary is a 30+ year veteran Auto Mechanic formally trained as a Professional Auto Mechanic in Cape Town South Africa, in the early 1980's
He is a Baby Boomer and started his Auto Mechanic journey before he left school, as a casual worker, part time, after school hours, at the local Auto Repair Shop in his neighborhood, where he gained early experience.

He developed a flair for the Automotive Industry and attended Technical College qualifying in his trade.
He worked at 2 places before starting his own Auto Repair Shop in 1990, constantly staying abreast of technological advancements in the Automotive Industry.

With a flair for adventure, constantly out there seeking to improve himself and dragging others along in a bid to improve their circumstances, be it physical, mental or financial.
Gary is a successful business owner and almost always succeeds at what he tries his hand at.

Hosting Vehicle Maintenance and, where he helps others with car repair procedures, product reviews, support and advice concerning cars. So it seems he has a passion for helping others and loves seeing people succeed.
He functions equally well in groups or on his own, his work ethics are above average and despises double dealing and false promises as he experienced 1st hand many times in his life.

Never satisfied with his lot, constantly seeking a better way of doing things, these traits ensure he misses very little concerning opportunities available for self improvement.

Gary also hosts a recreational website named Tech & where he highlights the relationship of technology and the outdoors, how it compliments each other in real life applications.

Welcome, I am Gary De la Cruz, great to meet you.

On an Outdoor Excursion

About Gary

With 30+ years in the Automotive Industry, I have a wealth of Knowledge and Experience to Offer and Share with all out there.

I am physically active in my Cape Town-based Workshop as an Auto Mechanic.

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I enjoy many outdoor activities such as Camping, Cycling, Golfing, Kayaking, Mountain Hiking, Motor Cycling (love long rides), Off-Road Driving, Pistol and Combat Shooting, Paintballing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Travelling, (Road Trips are my Favorite).

Married for 32 years and have 3 adult children aged, 31, 27 and 19 years old,

I play a bit of guitar and am active on our Neighborhood Watch, doing regular patrols. I am family orientated, it keeps me grounded.

A higher than average work ethic and a belief in getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible are some of my strong points.

Early Years

For as long as I can remember, I have always had two major passions:

  • To Repair Mechanical Things
  • To Help Others.

It has sometimes been to a fault, but that is how we gain Life’s Experience.

Pedal Car
My 1st Tune-Up Hahahahaha

In childhood, I was the kid that Fixed the neighbourhood’s bicycles, tricycles, go-carts and even pedal cars, so it was set as to what profession I would pursue.

Unlike the majority of the youth of my time, I had no difficulty in deciding what I would do, I became a MECHANIC, qualifying in the 1980s.

I gained experience in many makes and models of cars, never allowing myself to be restricted to a specific brand, this gives me the edge of all-round experience.

Being a Mechanic is all that I know, it is my life and will be until the end of my days.

Here and Now (my mission with this website)

I strive to keep abreast of new Technology and Methods in the Automotive Industry, enabling myself to stay current. 

I established this Website with the intention of  helping, You Guys and Girls out therewith,

On how to keep your Car’s running, cost-effectively, and sometimes do those pesky unscheduled repairs.

Gary’s Linkedin Profile


Our Second Most Costly Expense, after a House, is our Car,  so it would make Common Sense for us to Properly Take Care of it,

It is a tool, a means of getting from Point A to B, a Status Symbol and even a means of Recreation to most,  Pride and Joy come to mind also.

No matter what you use your vehicle for, it needs Periodic Preventative Maintenance and sometimes Unscheduled Repairs.

In today’s hectic lifestyle we do not always have the time to attend to our Cars but are reminded when they break down that Maintenance is required.

Neglect leads to high cost, of which we are not always prepared for at the time (Murphy’s Law).


This is Gary At Work

So there you are and here I am, let’s interact and get things done.

My Promise to You

I promise to help you to the best of my ability and all I ask for in return is honest feedback, and recommendations to your social circles, so that I can constantly improve and pay it forward. 

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  1. Berry Molefe

    Hi Gary
    Thank you for your video on the 2.3i microbus….
    Not sure if i can get sorted out, but worth a try.
    If i fail i will sure try give you a call.
    Regards mate thank you for your effort.

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Berry, sorry for the delayed response, but other duties took up all my time, but not to worry, I am back and will be pro active on this website, You are always welcome to contact me as I will try to help where I can, until then all the best, Berry, Safe Motoring.

  2. Jude

    Hi Gary,

    I am really impressed by your passion. To do something for 30+ years, that’s truly a milestone. You remind me of Iron Man who’s a brilliant mechanic. The difference is…he’s fictional and you are REAL! I love your website and what you stand for.


    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Jude
      Thank you for the visit to my website and the kind words, It is really appreciated,
      I have a passion for what I do, but I enjoy helping as many as I can too, it just feels right.

      All the best to you Jude


  3. Claudio Buffone

    Greetings Gary. Love your web site. Great simple instructional post on how to repair a flat.
    Your site exudes passion for the grand automobile. All the best!


    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Claudio

      Thank you for the visit and the favourable comments, I take pride in my personal experiences being included in most of my posts, and just love helping people with the informative posts on my website, I will strive to improve constantly, and provide useful content here, which can be utilised by all visitors to my website.

      All the best Claudio



    Greeting Gary,

    I stopped by your site to give you some Love, I’ve posted a commit on your Make Money Post. It is my absolute pleasure to leave you a commit for All of your visitors to see because of the vast information you are sharing with us. You are dedicated and sincere and one can feel it in the way you express yourself.

    May Your Financial Rewards be as fulfilling to you as your dedication to your customers and readers are. May Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You!

    To God, Our Father Who Is The Head Of My Life;
    I Give All The Glory and Praise His Holy Name;
    Your Brother In Christ;

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello William

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and your favourable comments, I sincerely would like to help those interested in putting in a little effort into gaining success online and in turn help others with their knowledge and experience as the circle of life continues, more and more will benefit.

      All the best to your future William


  5. Linda Frankson

    Hi, Gary, I love your web site and all the information that have mechanics is not new to me I have 4 brothers and all of them have be in some why connected to autos, restoration,mechanics, sales. I am familiar with Tesler and his documents that have been recuperated. That put many people on the road to electrical power this is not something new it just can’t be hidden anymore.

    The most incredible is the lithium battery. If that gets off the ground it will be the most powerful of them all, because it is run by water and produces Lithium that powers the motor. You would not need power outlets and cars that are on the road can be easily converted there are a few working models already by mechanics of your knowledge-ability that have successfully converted yes even a Ford Cortina (O:)

    So we think of the oil industry and the cost of oil. The wars over this black gold.the same will happen to our precess water supply. Lets hope It doesn’t. That there will be time into the future governments that will be bold enough to stand up to these Guru’s that want the power to rule over the world not just a small few country that can’t stand on there own two feet.

    Yes if we could look into the future to see what it has in-store for us, so lets not and say we did.

    always a better way

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Linda
      Thank you for the visit to my website, and your insights, it is a rare experience to encounter a women knowledgable about the car world and I enjoyed reading your comments here, My website is in it’s infancy and I will built it out into a helpful and informative site as time ticks by, I rely on personal experience, knowledge and ethics to provide useful, quality and engaging content relevant to the Automotive Industry, yet staying versatile when it comes to online entrepreneurial opportunities. I just love to see all people progress in life, both financially and personally, if I can assist in any way, I do not hesitate.

      All the best Linda


  6. Jimmy Dolo

    I am sure Gary if I happen to go to your shop for mechanical fixing my money, is worth paying because of your work ethic that I am expecting from a mechanic.

    I would even leave my car to your shop and let it be done because I’m sure you will take of it as your own and you respect me as the owner entrusting to you my property.

    There are shops you couldn’t trust because they don’t deliberately do something unfavorable to your car but they don’t have the right tools to do the right thing. As a result, you will have more expenses for additional collateral damages.

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Jimmy

      Thank you for visiting my website and the favourable comments, I have been doing this far too long to jeopardise my good name for a $,

      All my working life I have adopted a high work ethic and my customers are first,

      I will lose a fortune to keep my good name, it is just the way I operate my business and always have and always will,

      Respect for others and their property is high on my ethics list, quality workmanship and reliability is up there too.

      There are those who put the Auto Repair Industry’s name to ill repute,

      But hopefully they are few and far between as they will not last long as their bad name spreads quick.

      All the best to you Jimmy


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