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Gary De La Cruz
Gary De La Cruz – Mechanic


Welcome, I am Gary De la Cruz, It is great to meet you.

About Me

With 30+ years in the Automotive Repairs Industry, I possess a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with the world.


I am physically active in my Cape Town-based Workshop as an Auto Mechanic. I enjoy maintaining and repairing all makes and models of vehicles but it does not occupy all my time.

Enjoying many outdoor activities such as Camping, Cycling, Golfing, Kayaking, Hiking, Motor Cycling (love long rides), Off-Road Driving, Pistol and Combat Shooting, Paint-balling, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Travelling, (Road Trips are my Favorite). I believe a healthy balance of work and play is necessary in our lives. 

I am married for 34 years and have 3 adult children aged 34, 31 and 22, I play a bit of guitar, I am active in our Neighborhood Watch, doing regular patrols. I am family orientated, it keeps me grounded.

I have a higher than average work ethic with a belief in getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Early Years

As long as memory serves, I always had two major passions:

  • To Repair Mechanical Things
  • To Help Others.

It has sometimes been to a fault, but Life’s Experiences are gained in this manner.

Pedal Car
Link to my YouTube Channel
My 1st Tune-Up Hahahahaha

In childhood, I was the kid that Fixed the neighbourhood’s bicycles, tricycles, go-carts and even pedal cars, so it was set as to what profession I would pursue.

Unlike the majority of the youth of my time, I had no difficulty deciding what I would do, I became a MECHANICqualifying in the 1980s, I worked mainly in the neighbourhood’s garages I grew up in and created a reputation as a good mechanic in the following years.

I was able to save and start my own workshop Gary’s Motors in 1990 and have been doing so since.

I gained experience maintaining and repairing many makes and models of cars, never allowing myself to be restricted to a specific brand, this gives me the edge of all-round experience.

I established a YouTube channel vehicle maintenance and repairs.com and post regular maintenance and repairs videos.

Being a Mechanic is all I know, it is my life and will be until the end of my days, but it does not prevent me from expanding my horizons, I tried much online business’s and succeeded at many affording me multiple monthly income streams yet maintaining my workshop.

Here and Now (my mission with this website)

I strive to keep abreast of new Technology and Methods in the Automotive Industry, enabling myself to stay current, establishing this Website with the intent of helping you guys and girls out there by providing


Our second most costly expense is our vehicles,  so it would make common sense to properly care for it.

Considered a Tool to some, a means of getting from Point A to B to others even a Status Symbol and a means of Recreation to most,  Pride and Joy also comes to mind.

No matter what you use your vehicle for, it needs Periodic Preventative Maintenance and sometimes Unscheduled Repairs. 

In today’s hectic and costly lifestyle we do not always have the time or finances to attend to our vehicles but are reminded when they break down that maintenance and repairs are important. Neglect leads to high cost, of which we are not always prepared for at that time (Murphy’s Law).

Gary the Mechanic
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My Promise to You

“I promise to help you to the best of my ability”

All I ask in return is honest feedback, comments and suggestions, for you to share with others what you learn here.

With your help, I will constantly improve this website and pay it forward for our mutual benefit, I look forward to your interaction. Thank You.

“In Helping Others We Prosper”